Welcome to Gert’s Gang!  Our goal is a basic one, to provide friendship to seniors in our community . The inspiration for the organization began while I was visiting my friend Gert in a nursing home and noticed that most residents had  very few visitors.

So ,here’s  the plan, once you sign up to be a member of ” Gert’s Gang” you’ll be paired up with a super senior and then you will visit them for one hour ( more if you want!) a week for an entire year. You’ll even get a snazzy “Gert’s Gang” t-shirt to wear on your visits. The hope is to provide someone to talk with, to  laugh with and to just hang out with for an hour a week. These 52 visits, just 3,120 minutes for the year, will be mean the world to your new friend. You  will make a difference in their lives , much more than you can realize.

The next move is yours. If this sounds like something that you want to be a part of, contact us and we’ll get you started!

Thanks for your time,



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